Tire Size 215/85r16 vs 225/75r16

The main difference between tire sizes 215/85r16 and 225/75r16 is their dimensions and performance. The 215/85r16 tire is larger, with a greater diameter and sidewall height leading to fewer revolutions per mile.

On the other hand, the 225/75r16 tire is slightly wider but smaller in diameter and sidewall height, requiring more revolutions per mile. Therefore, the former provides better ground clearance but less speed, while the latter ensures more speed but lesser ground clearance.

215/85r16 vs 225/75r16 Table

The table compares the features of tire sizes 215/85R16 and 225/75R16, along with the percentage difference between them.

Diameter inches30.39″29.29″1.1″
Width inches8.46″8.86″0.39″
Sidewall Height7.19″6.64″0.55″
Rim Size16″16″Same
Rim Width Range5.5-7.0″6.0-7.5″Different

Overall Diameter
The diameter of the 215/85R16 tire is 30.39 inches (771.9mm), whereas the 225/75R16 has a diameter of 29.29 inches (743.9mm). This 3.6% difference can significantly impact a vehicle’s performance. A larger tire diameter provides more ground clearance, which can be beneficial for off-road driving or navigating rough terrains.

However, an increase in tire diameter also results in a lower speedometer reading, which can affect speed perception. On the contrary, a tire with a smaller diameter reduces ground clearance, increasing the risk of vehicle damage when driving over obstacles. Additionally, a smaller diameter tire results in a higher speedometer reading.

Tire Width
In terms of width, the 225/75R16 tire, at 8.86 inches (225mm), is wider than the 215/85R16, which measures 8.46 inches (215mm). Wider tires generally provide improved traction due to a larger contact patch, which increases the tire’s grip on the road. This improvement is especially noticeable during acceleration, braking, and cornering.

However, wider tires also produce more road noise and may impact fuel efficiency. Conversely, a narrower tire has less contact with the road, potentially reducing grip, especially in wet or slippery conditions.

The 215/85R16 tire has a circumference of 95.47 inches (2425mm), while the 225/75R16 tire has a circumference of 92.01 inches (2337.03mm). A tire with a larger circumference will have a lower speedometer reading.

While a smaller circumference will increase the speedometer reading. However, it’s crucial to remember that a smaller tire circumference can result in quicker tire wear due to more frequent contact with the road.

Sidewall Height
Sidewall height directly affects the tire’s shock absorption. The 215/85R16 tire has a sidewall height of 7.19 inches (182.75mm), while the 225/75R16 has a shorter sidewall height of 6.64 inches (168.75mm).

A taller sidewall can absorb more bumps and road irregularities, contributing to a smoother ride and better traction in icy or snowy conditions. In contrast, a shorter sidewall may provide a harsher ride but a sportier, more aggressive look.

Revolutions Per Mile
A tire’s revolutions per mile (RPM) denote how often it completes a full rotation in a mile. The 215/85R16 tire rotates 663.65 times per mile, while the 225/75R16 rotates 688.63 times per mile.

A higher RPM signifies more friction with the road, resulting in increased wear and potentially a shorter lifespan. Conversely, a lower RPM indicates the tire covers more distance per rotation, potentially extending its lifespan due to reduced wear and tear.

How much taller is a 225/75r16 tire than a 215/85r16?

Comparing the heights of a 225/75r16 tire and a 215/85r16 tire, the 225/75r16 tire stands at 30.39 inches (771.9 mm) while the 215/85r16 tire has a height of 29.29 inches (743.9 mm). This shows that the 225/75r16 tire is about 1.1 inches (or 28 mm) taller than the 215/85r16 tire.

How much wider is a 225/75r16 tire than a 215/85r16?

As for the width difference, the 225/75r16 tire measures 8.86 inches (225 mm) in width, and the 215/85r16 tire measures 8.46 inches (215 mm). Consequently, the 225/75r16 tire is about 0.39 inches (or 10 mm) wider than the 215/85r16 tire.

Can I use 225/75r16 instead of 215/85r16?

The overall diameter of the 225/75r16 tire is 30.39 inches (771.9 mm), and for the 215/85r16 tire it is 29.29 inches (743.9 mm), making the difference around -1.1 inches (or -28 mm), equivalent to a -3.6% difference.

Since the difference is just above the commonly recommended maximum of 3% for diameter differences, it’s important to consult with a tire or automotive professional before making such a switch to ensure safety and performance.

Can I put a 225/75r16 on a 215/85r16?

Regarding the possibility of mounting a 225/75r16 tire on a 215/85r16 rim, the suggested rim width range for the 225/75r16 is 5.5-7.0 inches while it is 6.0-7.5 inches for the 215/85r16. Both tire sizes overlap in the rim width range, hence it seems possible to fit the 225/75r16 tire on a rim meant for a 215/85r16.

Our Observation
Both the 215/85R16 and the 225/75R16 tires have their unique benefits and downsides. The 215/85R16’s larger diameter, circumference, and sidewall height make it ideal for off-road driving, providing greater ground clearance and a smoother ride. However, its narrower width and lower RPM could lead to slightly compromised grip, especially in wet conditions, and potential higher speedometer readings.

The 225/75R16, with its wider tread and higher RPM, offers improved traction and a sportier look due to its smaller diameter and sidewall height. But it might not fare as well on rough terrains, and it could produce more road noise.

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