Tire Size 205/75r15 vs 225/75r15

The main difference between 205/75r15 and 225/75r15 tire sizes lies in the width of the section. The tire size 225/75r15 is 20mm wider than the 205/75r15 tire size.

This 20mm width difference affects various performance characteristics, vehicle suitability, and driving conditions.

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Fitment Guide

When replacing tires, the new tires should be within 3% of the original tire’s overall diameter to avoid issues with speedometer accuracy, gearing, and ride height.

The 225/75r15 tire is 4.4% larger in overall diameter than the 205/75r15, so it may require modifications like a suspension lift to properly fit some vehicles.

Ground Clearance

The 225/75r15 tire provides 1.18 inches (30mm) more ground clearance than the 205/75r15, which can benefit off-road driving and clearing obstacles or rough terrain.

However, the larger diameter also causes the speedometer to read lower than the actual vehicle speed. The reduced clearance of the 205/75r15 increases the risks of scraping on obstacles but provides a higher speedometer reading.

225 75r15 in inches

Gas Mileage

The narrower 205/75r15 tire confers slightly better fuel efficiency over the wider 225/75r15. With a smaller contact patch and less rotational mass, the 205 resists rolling resistance better for improved mpg. The larger 225 is heavier, creating more drag and reducing mileage.

Ride Comfort

While the narrow 205/75r15 offers a smoother highway ride, the taller 225/75r15 sidewall cushions bump better.

The extra sidewall flex of the 225 absorbs road impacts more effectively for a comfier ride on uneven terrain. The 205 transmits more vibration on rough roads.


Visually, the difference between the two sizes is subtle. The 225 will have a slightly taller sidewall, giving a stretched, aggressive look compared to the 205.

This suits some trucks and SUVs better than a low-profile appearance. Subjectively, the proportions of the 225 suit larger vehicles well.

Handling & Stability

The shorter sidewall and narrower tread of the 205/75r15 provide sharper handling response and control on pavement.

The taller 225/75r15 sidewall flexes more, reducing handling precision slightly. However, both offer stable, precise handling overall.

Noise & Vibration

With a stiff sidewall, the 205/75r15 transmits more road noise and vibration into the cabin.

The extra flex of the 225/75r15 sidewall dampens noise and vibration better for a more comfortable ride. Differences are minor though, with both sizes being quiet.

Durability & Wear

The narrower 205/75r15 may exhibit more even treadwear and last a bit longer before needing replacement.

The heavier 225/75r15 endures more impact but also puts more stress on suspension components, possibly reducing durability slightly.

Adverse Conditions

The narrow 205/75r15 can cut through to the pavement more effectively for traction in snow and ice.

The wider 225/75r15 provides better traction in mud, gravel, and off-road conditions but can be prone to sliding on snow. Both perform well in wet conditions.

Speedometer Difference

When comparing speedometer readings between 205/75r15 and 225/75r15 tire sizes, the 225/75r15 tires cause a higher speedometer reading. At an actual vehicle speed of 20 mph, the 205/75r15 tires result in a speedometer reading of exactly 20 mph.

However, the larger 225/75r15 tires cause the speedometer reading to be 20.66 mph at the same actual speed. This 0.66 mph difference is due to the larger diameter of the 225/75r15 tires. Drivers should be aware of this speedometer variance when switching between these two tire sizes.

225 75r15 in inches

How Much Taller Is a 205/75r15 Tire Than a 225/75r15?

The height of a 205/75r15 tire is approximately 27.11 inches (688.5 mm), whereas the height of a 225/75r15 tire is around 28.29 inches (718.5 mm).

This suggests that the 225/75r15 tire stands taller by roughly 1.18 inches (or 30 mm) compared to the 205/75r15 tire.

How Much Wider Is a 205/75r15 Tire Than a 225/75r15?

When comparing widths, the 205/75r15 tire is about 8.07 inches (205 mm) wide, while the 225/75r15 tire measures 8.86 inches (225 mm) in width. Therefore, the 225/75r15 tire is approximately 0.79 inches (or 20 mm) wider than the 205/75r15 tire.

Can I use 205/75r15 instead of 225/75r15?

In terms of overall diameter, the 205/75r15 tire is 27.11 inches (688.5 mm), and the 225/75r15 tire is 28.29 inches (718.5 mm). The difference between these two tire sizes is approximately 1.18 inches, or 30 mm, which translates to about 4.2%.

Since this difference is more significant than the advised maximum of 3%, using a 205/75r15 tire is not recommended instead of a 225/75r15. However, always consult a tire or vehicle professional before making such modifications to guarantee safety and performance.

205/75r15 vs 225/75r15

205/75r15 vs 225/75r15

This comparison table will help you understand the difference between tire sizes 205/75r15 and 225/75r15.

Can I put a 205/75r15 on a 225/75r15

As for rim compatibility, the 205/75r15 tire fits a rim width range of 5.0-7.0 inches, whereas the 225/75r15 tire suits a rim width range of 6.0-7.5 inches.

This suggests that the 205/75r15 tire can be placed on a 225/75r15 rim, provided the rim’s width falls within the allowable range for the 205/75r15 tire.

What Does 205/75r15 Mean?

The 205 refers to the tread width of 205 millimeters. The aspect ratio of 75 means the tire’s height equals 75% of this width, which equates to about 154 millimeters tall.

The R signals a radial construction with perpendicular cords to travel for a more flexible sidewall. Finally, the 15 refers to the diameter of the matching wheel this tire mounts on, namely 15 inches. In short, 205/75r15 is equivalent to 27.1×8.1R15 in inches.

What Does 225/75r15 Mean?

The 225 metric refers to a tread width of 225 millimeters, making for a substantial footprint. The aspect ratio is still 75, meaning the shorter sidewall height equals 75% of 225mm.

The R continues to denote a flexible radial construction. The 15 refers to the 15-inch diameter wheel this tire mounts to. The size 225/75r15 tires can be expressed as 28.3×8.9R15 in inches.

Our Observation
Based on the comparisons, the 225/75r15 is best suited for vehicles intended for off-road or rough terrain use. The wider tread and taller sidewall provide more traction, absorption, and ground clearance for driving over obstacles.

However, the 205/75r15 is likely the better choice for on-road driving. The narrower tread and shorter sidewall optimize handling, comfort, efficiency, and treadwear when mostly driving on pavement.

For mixed on and off-road use, the 225/75r15 is recommended overall for its versatility, though drivers prioritizing fuel economy may still prefer the 205.

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