Tire Size 205/75r15 vs 215/75r15

The main difference between tire size 205/75r15 and 215/75r15 is the width. The 215/75r15 tire is wider and taller than the 205/75r15. Specifically, the width is increased by 0.39 inches (10mm), a 4.9% increase. The sidewall height also increases by 0.3 inches (7.5mm), also a 4.9% increase. These changes result in a larger overall tire diameter and circumference, impacting the revolutions per mile.

205/75r15 vs 215/75r15 Table

The table compares the features of tire sizes 205/75R15 and 215/75R15, along with the percentage difference between them.

Overall Diameter27.11″27.7″0.59″
Width inches8.07″8.46″0.39″
Sidewall Height6.05″6.35″0.3 (7.5)
Rim Size15″15″Same
Rim Width Range5.0-7.0″5.5-7.0″Different

Overall Diameter
The diameter of the 205/75r15 tire is 27.11 inches (688.5mm), while the 215/75r15 is slightly larger at 27.7 inches (703.5mm). This represents a 2.2% difference favoring the latter.

The increased tire height, however, results in lower speedometer readings. Conversely, a smaller diameter, while reducing ground clearance, results in higher speedometer readings.

Tread Width
The 205/75r15 and 215/75r15 tires feature widths of 8.07 inches (205mm) and 8.46 inches (215mm), respectively, marking a 4.9% increase in the latter. A wider tread typically improves traction, thanks to a larger contact patch increasing grip, especially under acceleration, braking, or cornering.

However, wider tires often produce more road noise due to the larger contact area. A shorter tread width reduces surface contact with the road, potentially decreasing grip in wet or slippery conditions.

Circumference also plays a significant role in tire performance. The 205/75r15 tire boasts a circumference of 85.16 inches (2162.99mm), while the 215/75r15 has a circumference of 87.01 inches (2210.11mm), a 2.2% increase.

Larger circumferences generally result in lower speedometer readings, while smaller ones lead to higher readings.

Sidewall Height
The sidewall heights for the 205/75r15 and 215/75r15 tires are 6.05 inches (153.75mm) and 6.35 inches (161.25mm), respectively. The latter’s increased sidewall height provides a buffer that absorbs more bumps and road irregularities, resulting in a smoother ride. Taller sidewalls also improve traction on snowy or icy roads.

Conversely, a shorter sidewall height may lead to a harsher ride due to a less cushioning effect. Smaller sidewalls, however, can convey a sportier, more aggressive look.

Revolutions Per Mile
The 205/75r15 tire registers 744.04 revolutions per mile (462.32 per km), while the 215/75r15 records 728.17 (452.47 per km), showing a decrease of 2.1%.

More revolutions per mile typically denote more wear, as the tire experiences increased friction with the road surface, potentially shortening lifespan. Conversely, fewer revolutions per mile mean the tire covers less distance per rotation, potentially extending its lifespan due to reduced wear and tear.

Rim Size
Both tires use a 15-inch rim size. However, the rim width range for the 205/75r15 is 5.0-7.0 inches, while the 215/75r15 has a range of 5.5-7.0 inches. Larger rims are often linked with a more aggressive and sporty appearance, while smaller rims suggest a more classic or conservative look.

Construction Type
Both tires feature radial construction (denoted by the ‘r’ in their sizes). Radial tires offer improved steering precision and better heat dissipation than bias-ply construction. They are the preferred choice for most modern passenger vehicles.

How much taller is a 205/75r15 tire than a 215/75r15?

The height of a 205/75r15 tire is 27.11 inches (688.5 mm), whereas the height of a 215/75r15 tire is 27.7 inches (703.5 mm). This implies that the 215/75r15 tire is about 0.59 inches (or 15 mm) taller than the 205/75r15 tire.

How much wider is a 205/75r15 tire than a 215/75r15?

The width of a 205/75r15 tire is 8.07 inches (205 mm), while the width of a 215/75r15 tire is 8.46 inches (215 mm). Consequently, the 215/75r15 tire is approximately 0.39 inches (or 10 mm) wider than the 205/75r15 tire.

Can I use 205/75r15 instead of 215/75r15?

Usually, swapping tires that have a diameter difference of more than 3% from the original ones is not recommended. The overall diameter of a 205/75r15 tire is 27.11 inches, and the 215/75r15 tire has an overall diameter of 27.7 inches.

This difference amounts to approximately 0.59 inches or about 2.2%. As this is within the acceptable 3% difference, it may be possible to use a 205/75r15 tire instead of a 215/75r15.

Can I put a 205/75r15 on a 215/75r15?

Both the 205/75r15 and 215/75r15 tires can be accommodated on rims ranging from 5.0 to 7.0 inches and 5.5 to 7.0 inches in width, respectively. Therefore, it should be feasible to put a 205/75r15 tire on a rim that was previously holding a 215/75r15 tire, as they share overlapping rim width requirements.

Our Observation
Both tire sizes have their merits, with the 215/75r15 offering better ground clearance, improved traction, and a smoother ride due to its larger dimensions. However, these advantages may come at the cost of more road noise, a lower speedometer reading, and potentially shorter tire lifespan due to more revolutions per mile.

On the other hand, the 205/75r15, with its smaller dimensions, might provide less traction and a harsher ride but potentially extends the tire’s lifespan with fewer revolutions per mile. It also results in a higher speedometer reading.

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