Tire Size 195/45r13 in inches

Tire Size 195/45r13 in inches-minTire size 195/45R13 which is equivalent to 19.9×7.7R13, has a diameter of 19.9 inches, a section width of 7.7 inches, a wheel diameter of 13 inches, and is approved to be mounted on 6.0-7.5 inches wide wheels.

This specific tire size provides a unique blend of handling and comfort, ideal for those seeking both stability and aesthetics in their vehicle’s performance.

195/45r13 in inches

Feature Inches Metric
Tire Diameter 19.9 505.7
Section Width 7.7 195
Rim Height 13 330
Sidewall Height 3.5 87.8
Circumference 62.5 1588.7
Revolutions 1014 per mile 629 per km

How Tall Is A 195/45R13 Tire?
The Tire Height of the 195/45R13 tire size is approximately 19.9 inches or 505.7 mm. This measurement represents the tire’s overall diameter, which is calculated from the tread on one side of the tire to the tread on the other when the tire is mounted and inflated to its recommended pressure.

What Is the 195/45R13 Width In Inches?
The tread width of the 195/45R13 tire size is approximately 7.7 inches or 195 mm. This dimension refers to the linear distance spanning the tire’s width, which is measured from the outer sidewall to the inner sidewall. This measure significantly affects the tire’s handling characteristics and overall vehicle stability.

What Is the 195/45R13 Sidewall Height?
The sidewall height of the 195/45R13 tire size is approximately 3.5 inches or 87.8 mm. This measure refers to the height of the tire’s sidewall, from the rim to the tread, which can affect ride quality, handling, and the appearance of the wheel-tire assembly.

What Is the 195/45R13 Tire Circumference?
The 195/45R13 tire’s circumference is about 62.5 inches or 1588.7 mm. This size is important as it impacts the vehicle’s speedometer, odometer, and transmission shift points since these systems often calibrate based on the tire’s rotation over distance.

What Is the 195/45R13 Revolutions Per Mile?
For the 195/45R13 tire size, there are approximately 1014 revolutions per mile or 629 revolutions per kilometer. This number is critical for fuel efficiency and performance because it impacts how frequently the tire must rotate to cover a specific distance.

What Is the 195/45R13 Rims Size?
For the 195/45R13 tire size, the rim diameter is 13 inches or 330 mm. The recommended wheel width range is between 6.0 to 7.5 inches. The correct wheel size ensures the tire fits securely and performs as intended, contributing to overall driving safety and vehicle handling.

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the diameter of the original tire. Anything beyond that can affect vehicle performance and safety systems. It is also crucial to consider the rim size to ensure the tire fits appropriately and safely on the wheel.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
105/80R13 19.6″ (498 mm) -1.6%
145/60R13 19.8″ (504 mm) -0.4%
175/50R13 19.9″ (506 mm) 0%
165/55R13 20.2″ (512 mm) 1.2%
145/65R13 20.4″ (518 mm) 2.4%
135/70R13 20.5″ (520 mm) 2.8%

Our Observation
The 195/45R13 tire size is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a balance of performance and comfort. Its unique dimensions offer excellent stability and grip, contributing to improved driving safety.

The height and width contribute to better handling, while the sidewall height ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. However, ensuring the correct rim size for optimal performance is vital.

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