Tire Size 185/55r15 vs 185/60r15

Find the equivalent tire sizes for 185/60R15 and 185/55R15 with our comprehensive guide. Discover that 185/60R15 is equivalent to 23.7×7.3R15 and 185/55R15 is equivalent to 23×7.3R15, and learn which tire size is the best match for your vehicle and driving needs.

185/55r15 vs 185/60r15 Table

This comparison table will help you understand the critical differences between these two tire sizes and help you decide which is best for your vehicle.

Specification 185/55r15 185/60r15 Difference
Diameter 23.01″ 23.74″ 0.73
Width  7.28″ 7.28″ 0″
Circumference 72.29″ 74.58″ 2.29″
Sidewall Height 4.01″ 4.37″ 0.36″
Revolutions 876.42 849.54 26.89

Tire Height
Tire Height of 185 55r15 vs 185 60r15The 185/60r15 tires have an overall diameter of 23.74 inches, compared to 185/55r15 tires measuring 23.01 inches. This difference of 0.73 inches, or 3.2%, offers a subtle increase in ground clearance. The difference exceeds the limitation of the 3% replacement rule, Which indicates that those tires are not suitable for interchange.

This added height could be advantageous for off-road driving or navigating over rough terrain as it lessens the risk of undercarriage damage. However, this increase also means a slight drop in speedometer reading due to the greater distance covered per tire revolution.

Tire Width
Tread Width of 185 55r15 vs 185 60r15Interestingly, both tire sizes share the same width, 7.28 inches. The width of a tire can influence traction as a wider tread creates a larger contact patch with the road, enhancing grip during acceleration, braking, and cornering. Given that both tires are identical in this aspect, their performance regarding traction should be relatively the same.

Sidewall Height
Sidewall Height of 185 55r15 vs 185 60r15The 185/60r15 tire has a sidewall height of 4.37 inches, 0.36 inches, or 9.1% greater than the 185/55r15 tire. This increased height provides a smoother ride by absorbing more road irregularities.

The taller sidewall can also increase traction on snowy or icy roads by improving the tire’s grip. Conversely, the lower sidewall of the 185/55r15 tire can result in a sportier, more aggressive look but may offer a harsher ride.

Tire Circumference of 185 55r15 vs 185 60r15The circumference of the 185/60r15 is 74.58 inches, 2.29 inches (3.2%) more than that of the 185/55r15, which stands at 72.29 inches. This larger circumference will cause a lower speedometer reading as the tire travels more distance per revolution.

Revolutions Per Mile
Revolutions per mile of 185 55r15 vs 185 60r15A higher revolution per mile (RPM) count typically translates to increased wear and tear, as seen in the 185/55r15’s 876.42 RPM compared to the 185/60r15’s 849.54 RPM.

The lower RPM of the 185/60r15 signifies less distance covered per rotation, potentially extending the tire’s lifespan. However, this also means that speedometer readings will be slightly higher as the tire covers less ground per revolution.

Wheel Size
Rim Size of 185 55r15 vs 185 60r15Both 185/55r15 and 185/60r15 tires are designed to fit 15-inch rims. A rim’s size plays a crucial role in the overall look of a vehicle. Larger rims often result in a more aggressive, sporty appearance, while smaller rims can lend a more classic or conservative aesthetic.

The tire sizes have a similar range for rim width, which is approximately 5.0-6.5 inches. As both tires are fitted on the same wheel size, they should offer similar visual appeal, maintaining the wheel’s proportionality to the vehicle.

Construction Type
The construction type of both tires is represented by the “r” in their designations, signifying radial construction. Since both tires employ radial construction, you can expect similar performance and longevity characteristics from either option.

How much taller is a 185/55r15 tire than a 185/60r15?

The 185/55R15 tire has a height of 23.01 inches (584.5 mm), while the 185/60R15 tire has a height of 23.74 inches (603 mm).

To determine the height difference, we can subtract the height of the 185/55R15 tire from the height of the 185/60R15 tire: 23.74 inches – 23.01 inches = 0.73 inches (18.5 mm). Therefore, the 185/60R15 tire is approximately 0.73 inches (18.5 mm) taller than the 185/55R15 tire.

Can I use 185/55r15 instead of 185/60r15?

The overall diameter of a 185/55r15 tire is 23.01 inches (584.5 mm), while the overall diameter of a 185/60r15 tire is 23.74 inches (603 mm). When we calculate the difference between these two tire sizes, it comes out to approximately 0.73 inches (or 18.5 mm), which is about 3.2% of the overall diameter.

Since the difference between the two tire sizes exceeds the recommended 3% range, using a 185/55r15 tire instead of a 185/60r15 may not be ideal. They can provide more specific advice based on your vehicle’s specifications and requirements.

Can I put a 185/55r15 on a 185/60r15?

Based on the provided data, the rim width range for both the 185/55r15 and the 185/60r15 tires is 15″ x 5.0-6.5″. This means that both tire sizes can be mounted on a rim with a width ranging from 5.0 inches to 6.5 inches.

Since the rim width range is the same for both tires, it is possible to mount a 185/55r15 tire on a rim that originally had a 185/60r15 tire, and vice versa, without any issues related to rim compatibility.

Alternative Tire Size For 185/55r15
Here’s the complete list of alternative tire sizes for 185/55R15 which are compatible with a 15-inch rim diameter.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
145/65R15 22.4″ (569 mm) -2.7%
135/70R15 22.5″ (571 mm) -2.4%
275/35R15 22.6″ (573 mm) -2.1%
175/55R15 22.6″ (573 mm) -2.1%
215/45R15 22.6″ (575 mm) -1.7%
195/50R15 22.7″ (577 mm) -1.4%
245/40R15 22.7″ (577 mm) -1.4%
165/60R15 22.8″ (579 mm) -1%
125/80R15 22.9″ (581 mm) -0.7%
225/45R15 23″ (583 mm) -0.3%
155/65R15 23″ (583 mm) -0.3%
295/35R15 23.1″ (587 mm) 0.3%
205/50R15 23.1″ (587 mm) 0.3%
175/60R15 23.3″ (591 mm) 1%
235/45R15 23.3″ (593 mm) 1.4%
195/55R15 23.4″ (595 mm) 1.7%
165/65R15 23.4″ (595 mm) 1.7%
135/80R15 23.5″ (597 mm) 2.1%
215/50R15 23.5″ (597 mm) 2.1%
155/70R15 23.6″ (599 mm) 2.4%

Alternative Tire Size For 185/60r15
Below is a comprehensive list of alternative tire sizes that are compatible with a 15-inch rim diameter and can be used as alternatives to the 185/60r15 tire size.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
185/55R15 23″ (585 mm) -3%
295/35R15 23.1″ (587 mm) -2.7%
205/50R15 23.1″ (587 mm) -2.7%
175/60R15 23.3″ (591 mm) -2%
235/45R15 23.3″ (593 mm) -1.7%
165/65R15 23.4″ (595 mm) -1.3%
195/55R15 23.4″ (595 mm) -1.3%
215/50R15 23.5″ (597 mm) -1%
135/80R15 23.5″ (597 mm) -1%
155/70R15 23.6″ (599 mm) -0.7%
125/90R15 23.9″ (607 mm) 0.7%
205/55R15 23.9″ (607 mm) 0.7%
225/50R15 23.9″ (607 mm) 0.7%
175/65R15 24″ (609 mm) 1%
285/40R15 24″ (609 mm) 1%
255/45R15 24.1″ (611 mm) 1.3%
195/60R15 24.2″ (615 mm) 2%
235/50R15 24.3″ (617 mm) 2.3%
215/55R15 24.3″ (617 mm) 2.3%
185/65R15 24.4″ (621 mm) 3%

Our Observation
Given the above analysis, the choice between 185/55r15 and 185/60r15 largely depends on your driving conditions and preferences. If a smoother ride, slightly higher ground clearance, and longer tire life are priorities, the 185/60r15 seems the most suitable. However, this comes at the cost of a slight drop in speedometer reading.

On the other hand, the 185/55r15 provides a sportier look and feel due to its lower sidewall height. Despite a higher wear rate, it delivers accurate speedometer readings. However, its ground clearance and ride comfort are lower than the 185/60r15.

Choosing the right tire size requires balancing aesthetics, performance, and longevity based on individual needs and driving conditions. While this analysis provides a broad overview, it’s always best to consult a tire professional to ensure the most suitable choice for your vehicle and driving habits.

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