Tire Size 155/65r13 in inches

Tire Size 155/65r13 in inches-minThe tire size 155/65R13, equivalent to 20.9×6.1R13 in inches, has an overall diameter of 20.9 inches, a section width of 6.1 inches, a wheel diameter of 13 inches, and is approved to be mounted on 4.5-5.5 inches wide wheels. These measurements provide a comprehensive overview of its size, enabling an accurate fit for vehicles requiring this tire size.

155/65r13 in inches

Feature Metric Inches
Tire Height 531.7 20.9
Tread Width 155 6.1
Rim Height 330 13
Sidewall Height 100.8 4
Circumference 1670.4 65.8

How Tall Is A 155/65R13 Tire?

Tire Height of 155 65r13The tire height of the 155/65R13 tire size is 20.9 inches, equivalent to 531.7 millimeters. The tire height, also known as the overall diameter, represents the total distance from the base of the tire, where it mounts on the wheel, to the top of its tread.

What Is the 155/65R13 Width In Inches?

Tread Width of 155 65r13The 155/65R13 tire size has a tread width of around 6.1 inches (155mm). Tread width, also known as section width, represents the linear distance between the outer edges of a tire’s sidewalls. It specifically measures the tire’s face that comes into contact with the road surface, excluding the curved portions of the sidewall.

What Is the 155/65R13 Sidewall Height?

Sidewall Height of 155 65r13The sidewall height of the 155/65R13 tire size is 4 inches, equivalent to 100.8 millimeters. This is calculated by multiplying the section width (155mm) by the aspect ratio (65%) and then converting it to inches. The sidewall height determines the vertical distance from the wheel rim to the tread.

What Is the 155/65R13 Tire Circumference?

Circumference of 155 65r13-minThe 155/65R13 tire’s circumference is 65.8 inches or approximately 1670.4 millimeters. The circumference is vital for speedometer accuracy and gear ratio calculations as it directly correlates with the distance covered in one full revolution of the tire.

What Is the 155/65R13 Revolutions Per Mile?

Revolutions Per Mile of 155 65r13For the 155/65R13 tire size, there are approximately 963 revolutions per mile. This figure is calculated by dividing 63,360 (total inches in a mile) by the tire’s circumference in inches. A lower number of revolutions per mile often indicates a larger tire.

What Is the 155/65R13 Rim Size?

For the 155/65R13 tire size, the rim diameter is 13 inches, equivalent to 330 millimeters. This specification ensures that the tire fits the wheel accurately, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Fitment Guide
The 155/65R13 tire size can ideally fit a range of vehicles, including:

  • Toyota Aygo
  • Citroën C1
  • Peugeot 108
  • Smart ForTwo
  • Suzuki Alto
  • Nissan Pixo

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the total diameter of the original tires.

Tire Size Diameter Rim (H x W)
135/80R13 21.5″ (+2.8%) 13″ x 3.5-4.5″
155/70R13 21.5″ (+2.8%) 13″ x 4.0-5.0″
215/50R13 21.5″ (+2.8%) 13″ x 5.5-8.5″
165/50R15 21.5″ (+2.8%) 15″ x 4.5-6.0″
165/65R13 21.4″ (+2.3%) 13″ x 4.5-6.0″
195/55R13 21.4″ (+2.3%) 13″ x 5.5-7.0″
175/60R13 21.3″ (+1.9%) 13″ x 5.0-6.0″
205/50R13 21.1″ (+0.9%) 13″ x 5.5-7.5″
145/70R13 21″ (+0.5%) 13″ x 3.5-5.0″
185/55R13 21″ (+0.5%) 13″ x n/a
225/45R13 21″ (+0.5%) 13″ x 7.0-8.5″
255/40R13 21″ (+0.5%) 13″ x n/a
125/80R13 20.9″ (Equal) 13″ x 3.0-4.0″
165/60R13 20.8″ (-0.5%) 13″ x 4.5-6.0″
175/55R13 20.6″ (-1.5%) 13″ x 5.0-6.0″

Our Observation
The 155/65R13 tire size is ideal for compact and city cars due to its lower profile and smaller diameter. They offer good fuel economy and are typically found on vehicles with smaller engine capacities.

However, due to their smaller size, these tires may not provide the same level of comfort as larger tires, especially on uneven roads. As always, it’s essential to ensure your chosen tire fits the vehicle’s needs and the driver’s expectations.

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