Tire Size 155/80r10 in inches

155 80r10 in inches

Tire size 155/80r10 is equivalent to 19.8×6.1R10 in inches. The 155/80r10 tire, with a 6.1-inch width and 10-inch rim diameter, offers a balanced profile for regular usage. Its 4.9-inch sidewall height and 19.8-inch overall diameter provide a comfortable ride height.

155/80r10 in inches

This chart will assist you in quickly comprehending tire size.

Feature Metric Inches
Tire Height 502 mm 19.8″
Tread Width 155 mm 6.1″
Rim Diameter 254 mm 10″
Sidewall Height 124 mm 4.9″
Circumference 1576.3 mm 62.2″
Revolutions 634 per km 1019 per mile

How Tall Is A 155/80r10 Tire?

Tire Height of 155 80r10The Tire Height of the 155/80r10 tire size is 19.8 inches. This is calculated by multiplying the aspect ratio of the tire (80% in this case) by the tire’s width in millimeters, then converting this figure to inches.

This measurement is crucial as it impacts the vehicle’s ground clearance, traction, and maneuverability.

What Is The 155/80r10 Width In Inches?

The tread width of the 155/80r10 tire size is 6.1 inches. This measurement is calculated by converting the tire’s width (155 mm) into inches. The tread width affects the tire’s contact area with the road surface, hence affecting grip and handling characteristics.

What Is The 155/80r10 Sidewall Height?

Sidewall height of 155 80r10The sidewall height of the 155/80r10 tire size is 4.9 inches. The sidewall height, or tire profile, is derived from the tire’s width and its aspect ratio (80% of 155 mm in this case), converted to inches. The sidewall height is a vital factor influencing ride comfort and performance.

What Is The 155/80r10 Tire Circumference?

Circumference of 155 80r10The circumference of the 155/80r10 tire size is approximately 62.2 inches. This figure results from the tire’s diameter times pi (3.14159). The circumference affects the tire’s revolutions per mile, directly impacting speedometer accuracy.

What Is The 155/80r10 Revolutions Per Mile?

Revolution Per Mile of of 155 80r10For the 155/80r10 tire size, there are approximately 1,014 revolutions per mile. This figure is derived by dividing 63,360 (the number of inches in a mile) by the tire’s circumference in inches.

Understanding revolutions per mile can help when replacing tires to ensure speedometer and odometer accuracy.

What Is The 155/80r10 Rims Size?

Rim Size of of 155 80r10For the 155/80r10 tire size, the rim diameter is 10 inches. This number indicates the wheel size that the tire is intended to fit. Matching your tire to the correct wheel size is essential to ensure proper fitment and safe operation.

Fitment Guide
The 155/80r10 tire size is typically found on smaller vehicles, compact cars, and certain types of utility vehicles. Given its relatively smaller diameter, it is also a common choice for spare tires.

Always verify fitment with your vehicle’s manufacturer specifications before making a tire purchase.

Replacement Tire Sizes
It is important to ensure that they have an overall diameter within 3% of the original tire. If you have a 155/80R10 tire, there are three compatible tire sizes that can be used as replacements.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
165/60R12 19.8″ (503 mm) 0.2%
125/80R12 19.9″ (505 mm) 0.6%
145/70R12 20″ (509 mm) 1.4%

Our Observation
With its balance of moderate height and narrower tread width, this tire size offers potential advantages in fuel efficiency and ride comfort.

It might lack in off-road performance and grip on wider turns due to its relatively narrow tread. However, the 155/80r10 is a reliable option for urban and daily commutes, promising consistency and durability.

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