Asma Akter

As a Stuff Technical Writer in the tire industry, my role intertwines comprehensive knowledge of tire technology and manufacturing with a flair for crafting engaging, informative articles.

This blend of technical acumen and content creation skill significantly bolsters brand visibility and fosters innovation. My contributions not only elevate sales and customer engagement but also cement my position as a pivotal figure in navigating and shaping the tire industry’s evolving landscape.


  • Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Information Technology and Sciences, Bangladesh


  • Math: Proficient in mathematical concepts crucial for engineering and technical problem-solving.
  • Engineering: Extensive knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics engineering, with applications in various technical sectors.
  • Construction: Understanding of engineering principles applied to the construction industry, focusing on electrical and electronics requirements.
  • Computer Science: Skilled in the basics of computer science, enabling the integration of technology in engineering solutions.
  • Electronics: Deep knowledge of electronics, essential for both product development and technical troubleshooting.
  • Technical Writing: Expert in crafting detailed, clear, and informative technical documents, articles, and reports for a broad audience.

Resides In

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh


  • Sales Support Officer, ACI Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh (May 2014 – Present, 9 years 11 months): Provides essential sales support, enhancing customer relations and facilitating the smooth operation of sales processes.
  • Senior Technical Writer, Tire Blogger (February 2019 – Present, 5 years 2 months, Remote, Dhaka, Bangladesh): Recognized as a leading expert in the tire industry, I specialize in tire technology, manufacturing, and market trends. My role involves creating engaging, informative content that bridges the gap between complex industry insights and the general audience, thereby boosting sales and enhancing brand visibility. My expertise is instrumental in driving innovation, fostering key relationships, and adapting to the industry’s evolving dynamics.

Contact Info

  • For professional inquiries, collaborations, or more information, please reach out via my professional email or LinkedIn profile.
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