Tire Size 305/35r24 in Inches

305/35r24 in Inches

Automotive tires can be a labyrinth of numbers and slash marks. Yet, these seemingly cryptic codes hold vital information about a tire’s size, construction, and performance. One such tire size, the 305/35r24, offers unique characteristics and benefits for specific vehicle types. The tire size 305/35r24 is equivalent to 32.4x12R24 in inches.

305/35r24 in Inches

The breakdown of tire features and metrics becomes clearer with the help of the comprehensive information presented in the following table.

Tire Height824 mm32.4″
Tread Width305 mm12″
Rim Diameter609.6 mm24″
Sidewall Height107 mm4.2″
Circumference2587.4 mm101.7″
Revolutions386 per km623 per mile

Dimension Breakdown

  • The first number in size, 305, represents the tire’s width in millimeters. In this case, the tire is 305 millimeters wide.
  • The second number, 35, is the aspect ratio. It is a percentage representing the tire’s height relative to its width. For this tire, the height is 35% of the width.
  • The letter “R” indicates the construction type of the tire, which stands for radial. Radial tires have plies that run across the tire from bead to bead, providing better stability and ride comfort.
  • The last number, 24, refers to the diameter of the wheel or rim in inches that this tire is designed to fit. In this case, the tire is intended for a 24-inch rim.

In summary, the tire size 305/35r24 indicates a tire with a width of 305 millimeters, an aspect ratio of 35%, radial construction, and is designed to fit a 24-inch rim.

Tire Size 30535r24 in Inches

Replacement Tire Size
It is important to select replacement tires that have an overall diameter within a 3% range of the 305/35r24 tire size.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
315/30R2431.5″ (800 mm)-2.9%
285/35R2431.9″ (810 mm)-1.7%
405/25R2432″ (812 mm)-1.5%
335/30R2432″ (812 mm)-1.5%
295/35R2432.1″ (816 mm)-1%
315/35R2432.7″ (830 mm)0.7%
285/40R2433″ (838 mm)1.7%
295/40R2433.3″ (846 mm)2.7%

Detailed Specifications
The overall diameter, often referred to as tire height, is 824 mm or 32.4 inches. This measurement is essential as it impacts the vehicle’s speedometer, odometer, and clearance. Increasing the overall diameter might offer better ground clearance but could adversely affect the vehicle’s inherent balance.

  • The tread width, as mentioned earlier, is 305 mm or 12 inches. It plays a crucial role in traction, handling, and fuel efficiency. A wider tread implies more contact with the road surface, leading to better grip, especially in wet conditions.
  • The rim diameter is 609.6 mm or 24 inches. This measure determines the wheel size that the tire can be mounted on. Matching the tire’s rim diameter to the wheel size is crucial for a perfect fit.
  • The sidewall height is 107 mm or 4.2 inches. This represents the vertical height from the edge of the rim to the tread. The sidewall height can influence ride comfort, handling, and appearance.
  • The tire’s circumference is 2587.4 mm or 101.7 inches. This measurement can affect the number of tire revolutions per mile, a vital factor for accurate speedometer and odometer readings.
  • Speaking of revolutions, the 305/35r24 tire completes 386 revolutions per kilometer or 623 revolutions per mile. This high number of revolutions indicates that this tire size is generally used in high-performance and luxury vehicles.

The “R” in 305/35r24 signifies radial construction, the most common type used in modern passenger car tires. Radial tires have layers of fabric with cords running radially or perpendicular to the direction of travel, providing better flexibility, fuel efficiency, and heat dissipation.

How Tall Is A 305/35r24?

The overall height of a tire can be calculated by combining the height of the tire’s sidewall with the diameter of the rim it is designed to fit.

In the case of the 305/35R24 tire size, the sidewall height can be determined by multiplying the tire’s width (305 mm) by the aspect ratio (35%). This gives us a sidewall height of 106.75 mm (305 mm x 0.35).

To calculate the overall height, we need to convert the sidewall height from millimeters to inches by dividing it by 25.4 (1 inch = 25.4 mm). So, the sidewall height is approximately 4.2 inches (106.75 mm / 25.4).

Adding the sidewall height twice (top and bottom) to the rim diameter of 24 inches, we get the tire’s overall height, which is approximately 32.4 inches (4.2 inches x 2 + 24 inches).

Tire Size 30535r24 in Inches

The 305/35r24 tire size presents a mix of performance and aesthetics, ideal for high-performance vehicles, luxury cars, and SUVs. The wide tread width and low aspect ratio suggest a sporty, aggressive look, matched by enhanced grip and handling capabilities. 

However, the reduced sidewall height might compromise on ride comfort. While this tire offers improved traction, particularly on wet surfaces, it might be less fuel-efficient due to the increased contact patch. The size is also well-suited for larger rims (24 inches), common in customized vehicles.

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