Tire Size 295/50r15 in inches

The tire size 295/50r15 is equivalent to 26.6×11.6R15, has a diameter of 26.6 inches, a section width of 11.6 inches, a wheel diameter of 15 inches, and is approved to be mounted on 8.0-10.5 inches wide wheels. This provides a clear and concise understanding of its dimensions, enabling an adequate fitment for various vehicle applications.

295/50r15 in inches

Feature Inches Metric
Tire Diameter 26.6 676
Section Width 11.6 295
Rim Height 15 381
Sidewall Height 5.8 147.5
Circumference 83.6 2123.7
Revolutions 470 per km 756 per mile
Rim Width Range 8.0-10.5 203.2 – 266.7

How Tall Is A 295/50r15 Tire?

The tire height of the 295/50r15 tire size is 26.6 inches (676 millimeters). This height, also known as the tire’s overall diameter, is calculated by doubling the sidewall height and adding the diameter of the wheel itself. The overall height of the tire is vital for the vehicle’s ground clearance, speedometer accuracy, and general vehicle performance.

What Is the 295/50r15 Width In Inches?

The 295/50r15 tire’s tread width is approximately 11.6 inches (295 millimeters). This is also referred to as the section width and is the linear distance between the outsides of the sidewalls of an inflated tire without any load (excluding any sidewall decorations or protective ribs). This width impacts the contact patch area and thus influences the grip, braking, and handling characteristics of a vehicle.

What Is the 295/50r15 Sidewall Height?

The 295/50r15 tire’s sidewall height is around 5.8 inches (147.5 millimeters). This is calculated by multiplying the section width by the aspect ratio (the second number in the tire size). The sidewall height directly influences the tire’s driving comfort and handling characteristics.

What Is the 295/50r15 Tire Circumference?

The circumference of the 295/50r15 tire size is roughly 83.6 inches (2123.7 millimeters). The circumference is the linear distance covered in one tire rotation and influences the accuracy of the vehicle’s speedometer.

What Is the 295/50r15 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 295/50r15 tire size, there are about 756 revolutions per mile. This is calculated by dividing the number of inches in a mile (63,360) by the tire’s circumference. Knowing the revolutions per mile is essential for determining the tire’s impact on speedometer accuracy and fuel efficiency.

What Is the 295/50r15 Rims Size?

The 295/50r15 tire size, the rim diameter is 15 inches (381 millimeters). This tire is approved to be mounted on rims with a width between 8.0 and 10.5 inches (203.2 – 266.7 millimeters). The rim size must correspond with the tire’s size to ensure proper fitting, function, and safety.

Fitment Guide
When mounting the 295/50r15 tire, it is essential to follow a fitment guide. This tire fits rims with a diameter of 15 inches and widths between 8.0 and 10.5 inches. This wide range provides flexibility for different vehicle applications while ensuring the best performance and safety standards.

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the total diameter of the original tire. This ensures the replacement tire is compatible with the vehicle’s suspension system, provides adequate wheel well clearance, and maintains accurate speedometer readings.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
275/50R15 25.9″ (657 mm) -3.0%
255/55R15 26.0″ (661 mm) -2.4%
215/65R15 26.0″ (661 mm) -2.4%
235/60R15 26.1″ (663 mm) -2.1%
285/50R15 26.3″ (667 mm) -1.5%
205/70R15 26.3″ (669 mm) -1.2%
195/75R15 26.5″ (673 mm) -0.6%
225/65R15 26.5″ (673 mm) -0.6%
245/60R15 26.6″ (675 mm) -0.3%
185/80R15 26.7″ (677 mm) 0.0%
275/55R15 26.9″ (683 mm) 0.9%
215/70R15 26.9″ (683 mm) 0.9%
235/65R15 27.0″ (687 mm) 1.5%
255/60R15 27.0″ (687 mm) 1.5%
305/50R15 27.0″ (687 mm) 1.5%
205/75R15 27.1″ (689 mm) 1.8%
195/80R15 27.3″ (693 mm) 2.4%
225/70R15 27.4″ (697 mm) 3.0%

Our Observation
In our experience, the 295/50r15 tire size is a versatile option. Its relatively large diameter and section width allow for good surface contact and grip. This tire’s wide rim range is also suitable for various vehicle types. However, it’s always essential to consider the vehicle’s specifications and driving conditions before choosing this tire size.

In conclusion, the 295/50r15 tire size blends functionality and adaptability. It’s critical to understand the importance of these measurements when selecting the appropriate tires for your vehicle.

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