Tire Size 295/40r20 in inches

The tire size 295/40R20 is equivalent to 29.3×11.6R20 in inches, has a diameter of 29.3 inches (744 mm), a section width of 11.6 inches (295 mm), a wheel diameter of 20 inches (508 mm), and is approved to be mounted on 10.0-11.5 inches (254-292.1 mm) wide wheels. This intricate blend of dimensions makes it ideal for specific vehicle applications and uses.

295/40r20 in inches

This Table chart presents comprehensive inch-to-millimeter conversion details in one glance.

Feature Inches Metric
Tire Diameter 29.3 744
Section Width 11.6 295
Rim Height 20 508
Sidewall Height 4.6 118
Circumference 92 2337.3
Revolutions 428 per km 689 per mile
Rim Width Range 10.0-11.5 254-292.1

How Tall Is A 295/40R20 Tire?

The Tire Height of the 295/40R20 tire size is approximately 29.3 inches (744 mm). The height or diameter of a tire is an essential feature as it affects how the vehicle handles it. Taller tires offer more ground clearance and improve off-road performance.

What Is the 295/40R20 Width In Inches?

The 295/40R20 tire’s tread width is approximately 11.6 inches (295 mm). Tread width directly impacts the contact patch area of the tire on the road. A wider tread width can provide better grip and handling, especially on wet surfaces or during high-speed cornering.

What Is the 295/40R20 Sidewall Height?

The 295/40R20 tire’s sidewall height is approximately 4.6 inches (118 mm). This is calculated by taking 40% (aspect ratio) of the tire width (295mm). The sidewall height affects comfort, with taller sidewalls generally offering a smoother ride and shorter sidewalls contributing to better handling.

What Is the 295/40R20 Tire Circumference?

The circumference of the 295/40R20 tire size is about 92 inches (2337.3 mm). The circumference of a tire is crucial as it influences the speedometer reading, the number of revolutions per mile, and how a vehicle responds to gearing.

What Is the 295/40R20 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 295/40R20 tire size, there are approximately 689 revolutions per mile. This number is significant as it impacts fuel economy, speedometer accuracy, and overall vehicle performance.

What Is the 295/40R20 Rims Size?

The 295/40R20 tire size the rim diameter is 20 inches (508 mm). This tire size is approved to be mounted on rims with a width range of 10.0-11.5 inches (254-292.1 mm). The correct rim size is crucial for proper tire fitment and vehicle handling.

Fitment Guide
This table will guide you on which vehicles can accommodate the 295/40R20 tire size. It’s important to consult your vehicle manual or a tire expert for precise fitment information.

Brand Name Model
AUDI Q7 (2007 – 2015)
BENTLEY Continental GT (2019 – 2022), Flying Spur (2019 – 2022)
CHEVROLET SSR (2003 – 2006)
MASERATI Grecale (2022 – 2023), Levante (2016 – 2023)
MERCEDES-BENZ GLC-Class AMG (2015 – 2022), GLC-Class Coupe AMG (2016 – 2023), M-Class AMG (2000 – 2011)
PLYMOUTH Prowler (1997 – 2001)
PORSCHE 911 (2022 – 2023), Cayenne (2010 – 2014), Macan (2014 – 2023)

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the total diameter of the original tire to avoid any negative impact on the vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency, and safety features such as ABS and traction control.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
305/35R20 28.4″ (722 mm) -3.0%
275/40R20 28.7″ (728 mm) -2.2%
245/45R20 28.7″ (728 mm) -2.2%
315/35R20 28.7″ (728 mm) -2.2%
325/35R20 29.0″ (736 mm) -1.1%
285/40R20 29.0″ (736 mm) -1.1%
255/45R20 29.1″ (738 mm) -0.8%
145/80R20 29.1″ (740 mm) -0.5%
235/50R20 29.3″ (744 mm) 0.0%
265/35R22 29.3″ (745 mm) 0.1%
265/45R20 29.4″ (746 mm) 0.3%
305/40R20 29.6″ (752 mm) 1.1%
245/50R20 29.7″ (754 mm) 1.3%
275/45R20 29.8″ (756 mm) 1.6%
285/45R20 30.1″ (764 mm) 2.7%
255/50R20 30.1″ (764 mm) 2.7%
235/55R20 30.2″ (766 mm) 3.0%

Our Observation
In our observation, the 295/40R20 tire size offers a good balance of width, height, and rim diameter. This makes it a good option for larger vehicles seeking improved handling and stability without sacrificing comfort. However, as with all tires, the performance characteristics can significantly vary based on the tire’s brand and model.

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