Tire Size 265/65r16 in inches

The tire size 265/65R16 is equivalent to 29.6×10.4R16, has a diameter of 29.6 inches, a section width of 10.4 inches, a wheel diameter of 16 inches, and is approved to be mounted on 7.5 to 9.5 inches wide wheels.

This dimension is crucial in determining the tire’s compatibility with different vehicle models, ensuring optimal performance and safety on the road.

265/65r16 in inches

Feature Inches Metric
Tire Diameter 29.6 750.9
Section Width 10.4 265
Rim Height 16 406
Sidewall Height 6.8 172.3
Circumference 92.9 2359
Revolutions 684 per mile 425 per km

How Tall Is A 265/65R16 Tire?

The Tire Height of the 265/65R16 tire size is approximately 29.6 inches or 750.9 millimeters. This measurement represents the tire’s overall diameter, the distance from the top edge of the tire to the bottom edge when it’s mounted on the wheel and inflated to the proper pressure.

What Is the 265/65R16 Width In Inches?

The tread width of the 265/65R16 tire size is around 10.4 inches or 265 millimeters. This value measures the tire’s width from one side to the other, excluding the side walls. The width is essential for traction, stability, and vehicle handling.

What Is the 265/65R16 Sidewall Height?

The sidewall height of the 265/65R16 tire size is 6.8 inches or 172.3 millimeters. The sidewall height, also known as the aspect ratio, refers to the height of the tire from the rim to the tread. It’s expressed as a percentage of the section width.

What Is the 265/65R16 Tire Circumference?

The circumference of the 265/65R16 tire size is about 92.9 inches or 2359 millimeters. The circumference is the distance around the outside of the tire. This value impacts the tire’s revolutions per mile and can influence your vehicle’s speedometer accuracy.

What Is the 265/65R16 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 265/65R16 tire size, there are approximately 684 revolutions per mile or around 425 revolutions per kilometer. The tire’s revolutions per mile impact various aspects of vehicle performance, including fuel efficiency, speedometer accuracy, and ride comfort.

What Is the 265/65R16 Rims Size?

For the 265/65R16 tire size, the rim diameter is 16 inches or 406 millimeters. This diameter must match the wheel diameter to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, the tire is suitable for wheel widths ranging from 7.5 to 9.5 inches.

Fitment Guide
Understanding how a 265/65R16 tire will fit your vehicle depends on several factors, including the vehicle’s make, model, and year. A tire that is too large or small can impact the vehicle’s performance, safety, and fuel economy.

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the total diameter of the original tires to maintain the performance, safety, and accuracy of the vehicle’s systems, such as the speedometer and odometer.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
215/75R16 28.7″ (728 mm) -2.9%
205/80R16 28.9″ (734 mm) -2.1%
275/60R16 29″ (736 mm) -1.9%
235/70R16 29″ (736 mm) -1.9%
255/65R16 29.1″ (738 mm) -1.6%
225/75R16 29.3″ (744 mm) -0.8%
285/60R16 29.4″ (748 mm) -0.3%
245/70R16 29.5″ (750 mm) 0%
215/80R16 29.5″ (750 mm) 0%
315/55R16 29.6″ (752 mm) 0.3%
247/70R16 29.6″ (752 mm) 0.3%
235/75R16 29.8″ (758 mm) 1.1%
275/65R16 30.1″ (764 mm) 1.9%
255/70R16 30.1″ (764 mm) 1.9%
215/85R16 30.4″ (772 mm) 2.9%

Our Observation
The 265/65R16 tire size provides a balance of performance, comfort, and fuel efficiency. Its dimension suits a range of vehicles, from light trucks to SUVs. The tire’s size and characteristics influence its on-road performance, ensuring the safety of both the driver and passengers. The popularity of this tire size is a testament to its versatility and wide-ranging compatibility.

Note that these figures are approximations and could vary depending on the tire brand and model. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for accurate information. Finding the correct tire size and type to match your vehicle’s specifications ensures optimal safety and performance.

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