Tire Size 265/45r20 in inches

The tire size 265/45R20 is equivalent to 29.4×10.4R20 in inches, has a diameter of 29.4 inches (746.5mm), a section width of 10.4 inches (265mm), a wheel diameter of 20 inches (508mm), and is approved to be mounted on 8.5-10.0 inches (215.9 – 254mm) wide wheels. This article will dissect the specifications and dimensions of this particular tire size.

265/45r20 in inches

Gain immediate insights into measurements in inches and millimeters using this Table chart.

Tire Diameter29.4746.5
Section Width10.4265
Rim Height20508
Sidewall Height4.7119.3
Revolutions686 per mile427 per km
Rim Width Range8.5-10.0215.9 – 254

How Tall Is A 265/45R20 Tire?

The tire height of the 265/45R20 tire size is not to be confused with the diameter. The height is calculated by subtracting the rim height from the total diameter. For this tire size, it is approximately 9.4 inches (238.8mm), which is the total diameter (29.4 inches) minus the rim height (20 inches).

What Is the 265/45R20 Width In Inches?

The tread width of the 265/45R20 tire size is essentially its section width, which is the linear distance between the outside of the sidewalls. The width of this tire size is 10.4 inches (265mm). This width provides the surface area for the tire’s contact with the road.

What Is the 265/45R20 Sidewall Height?

The sidewall height of the 265/45R20 tire size is half the difference between the overall diameter and the rim height. In this case, the sidewall height equals 4.7 inches (119.3mm). This is the distance from the edge of the rim to the tread vertically.

What Is the 265/45R20 Tire Circumference?

The circumference of the 265/45R20 tire size is the total distance around the outside of the tire. This figure is essential for determining the tire’s revolutions per mile. This tire’s circumference is about 92.3 inches (2345.2mm).

What Is the 265/45R20 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 265/45R20 tire size, there are approximately 686 revolutions per mile. This number of revolutions is calculated by dividing the mile’s length in inches (63,360) by the tire’s circumference in inches (92.3). It’s critical for precise speedometer calibration.

What Is the 265/45R20 Rims Size?

The 265/45R20 tire size rim diameter is 20 inches (508mm). The tire is approved to be mounted on rims with widths ranging between 8.5 and 10.0 inches (215.9 – 254mm). The range ensures the tire fits the rim correctly, ensuring safety and performance.

Fitment Guide
This table will guide you on which vehicles the 265/45R20 tire size fits. Since this is a standard size for performance and luxury vehicles, it fits many car models from manufacturers like Audi, Porsche, Tesla, and more. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for confirmation.

Brand NameModel
ACURAMDX (2017 – 2021), ZDX (2009 – 2013)
AUDIQ5 e-tron (2022 – 2023)
BENTLEYContinental GT (2019 – 2022), Flying Spur (2019 – 2022), Mulsanne (2009 – 2020)
BMWX3 M (2019 – 2023), X4 M (2019 – 2023)
DAEWOOKorando (1999 – 2001)
DODGEDakota (1997 – 2004), Durango (1997 – 2000)
FORDExplorer (2013 – 2019)
GAC TOYOTAHighlander (2018 – 2020)
GENESISGV70 (2022 – 2023)
HONDAPassport (2019 – 2023), Pilot (2003 – 2023)
ISUZUAxiom (2002 – 2004)
JEEPCherokee (2001 – 2008), Liberty (2001 – 2013)
LAND ROVERRange Rover (1994 – 2002)
LEXUSRX (2009 – 2015)
MASERATILevante (2016 – 2023)
MERCEDES-BENZGLC-Class AMG (2015 – 2022), GLC-Class Coupe AMG (2016 – 2023), GLE-Class (2015 – 2023), GLE-Class AMG (2015 – 2019), M-Class (2005 – 2015), M-Class AMG (2006 – 2015), R-Class (2005 – 2015), R-Class AMG (2006 – 2015)
PORSCHEMacan (2014 – 2023)
ROEWERX8 (2018 – 2022)
SSANGYONGRexton (2003 – 2005)
SUBARUAscent (2019 – 2023), Evoltis (2021 – 2023)
TESLAModel X (2015 – 2023)
VOLKSWAGENID. Buzz (2022 – 2023)
VOLVOXC60 (2010 – 2013)
ZEEKR009 (2022 – 2023)

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the diameter of the original tire size to avoid any issues with wheel well clearance, brake system fitment, or electronic systems calibration.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference

Our Observation
The 265/45R20 tire size is popular for drivers seeking a balance between performance, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Its sizable width ensures a solid grip on the road, while its proportionate sidewall height absorbs road impacts effectively.

However, one must bear in mind that tire performance also depends on other factors like tread pattern and rubber compound used.

Whether you want to replace your tires or consider an upgrade, the 265/45R20 tire size is a versatile and reliable option for various vehicle models. Be sure to check with your car’s manufacturer or trusted tire retailer to ensure the best fit and performance.

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